Are you planning to take advantage of the incredible sale going on at The Bungalows at Zion right now? When you book a stay at the best Zion vacation rental between November 1 and March 15, 2023, you’ll receive 40 percent off your entire booking. If you’ve never had the chance to in the past, this deal is a great excuse to experience Zion and Southern Utah during the winter season.

Summer draws most of Zion’s more than 5 million annual visitors. Winter sees just a small percentage of the park’s guests. And the season is perhaps Southern Utah’s best-kept secret!

When temperatures drop and the crowds disappear, the park becomes a haven for locals. Much of Southern Utah experiences mild winters. If you don’t mind cooler temps, you can still hike many of Zion’s popular trails, go sightseeing, take an off-road tour, and more. This is also the only time of year when visitors can drive their personal vehicles into the Lower Canyon, as the shuttle service ceases operations for much of December, January, and February.

But if you plan to visit during the winter months, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re ready for the rare possibility of some snowy weather. If you’ve never driven on icy roads before, there are a few things you should know to stay safe. Keep reading for a few tips for navigating winter roads during your Zion vacation rental stay!

Go Slow

Perhaps the most important tip to remember when you’re driving on snow and ice is to take it slow. Until you’re confident that your car has traction and black ice isn’t hiding on the roadways, taking it nice and slow will help you keep control and stay on the road.

This is one big benefit of staying in a Zion vacation rental like The Bungalows. Your private Bungalow is located just a short drive from the entrance to Zion. That way, you can take it slow and enjoy a relaxing drive through the park, and still make it back in time for an evening of relaxing or maybe a movie night in!

Never Jerk the Wheel

The first time you feel your tires slide even just a little on a slick road, it will be tempting to jerk your wheel as you attempt to straighten your car back out. But doing so will only send your vehicle even further into a tailspin. 

Take it easy and make your movements deliberate and smooth. It can be tough to learn this tip. But keeping it in mind can help you stay calm if you do find yourself sliding a bit on wet or icy roads. 

Keep Your Eyes Far Ahead

You should already be taking it slow. However, looking ahead will allow you to slow down a bit more and anticipate turns or prepare for a wet spot on the road.

A drive through Zion National Park, especially during this time of year, means enjoying some incredible sights. There’s something uniquely beautiful about the park when it’s covered in snow and ice! But avoid enjoying the sights until you can come to a safe stop in an overlook or parking lot. Instead, watch the road a bit ahead of your vehicle so that you can anticipate any turns or obstacles.

Direct Your Eyes Where You Want to Go

Even when you’re taking care and driving with caution, you may still find yourself sliding on ice or snow. If it does happen to you, besides avoiding jerking the wheel, you also need to pay attention to where you’re looking.

In a moment of panic, your instinct will be to look in the direction your car is sliding. But when you do, odds are that your hands will turn you in that direction too, making you slide even more out of control. Instead, direct your eyes in the direction that you want to be going. Hopefully, this will keep your hands focused as well and allow you to navigate back in the right direction.

Fuel Up Before You Leave Your Zion Lodging

Before you venture away from your Zion vacation rental and into the park, make sure you have at least half a tank of gas. That way if you decide to stop and wait out a snowfall, you’ll be prepared. This is actually a great tip any time you decide to go exploring in the park and beyond! Outside of Springdale, gas stations can quickly become few and far between as you travel out the opposite side of Zion, towards Bryce Canyon.

Avoid Stopping on Inclines Where Possible

On Zion’s winding, steep roads, you might find yourself tempted to come to a stop if the road looks icy or if you’re trying to catch a great view out your window. But if you’re on a slope and the roads are slick, this can be a mistake. If your car begins to slide, it can be tough to get traction again or bring it to a stop. Wait until you’re in a flat spot to come to a stop, where possible.

Check Your Tires Before You Go

The pressure in your tires will fluctuate as the temperature drops. Before you head out, check your tires and add air if needed. This will help you keep your traction and avoid getting stuck on the road with deflated tires.

Don’t Forget Your Ice Scraper

Scraping the ice and snow off your car can be annoying, not to mention cold. But before you give into the temptation to let it melt or blow away on its own, take the time to scrape your car clean. 

Driving when you can’t see out of the windows is incredibly dangerous. And if ice dislodges from your car while you’re speeding down a highway, you run the risk of obscuring the view of any drivers behind you if it hits their windshield.

Planning Your Winter Stay at the Best Zion Vacation Rental

If you’re ready to see for yourself what makes winter such a special season at Zion, now is a great time to do so. When you book a Zion vacation rental before March 15, you’ll get a 40 percent discount on stays of 2 nights or more. 

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a full winter vacation, The Bungalows at Zion is the perfect base camp. Book your stay today to start planning your own winter adventure!


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